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Our Story

We met in April of 1999 at CompUSA in Concord where we both worked. We got to talking one day when the store wasn't busy and found we had a lot in common. Nicole called my extension later that day and asked me if I wanted to go out on Friday. We normally went out as a group on Friday bowling so I assumed she was asking if I was going this week. I didn't realize till a few minutes later that she had just asked me out on a date.

Our first date went well, and there were many more. Eventually we decided it was time to get out on our own (as we were driving our respective parents insane) and we got our own place. We shared our 3 bedroom apartment in Bay Point with two other friends from work, one being our good friend Mike (my best man, and a messy, messy roomate). We stayed there a year, and when we could afford it, moved into an apartment in Benicia (without roomates!). We moved around a few times until we decided we had the income (we both had new jobs by then) and the credit to purchase something. We had planned to purchase a townhouse or a condo, but it turned out we ended up with a new house in Fairfield. We moved in on New Years day 2003 (after several weeks of very stressful financing screw ups). We have lived in our home for two years now, and plan to be here for many years more.

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We adopted Mocha in April of 2002. She was an 8 week old kitten, and we fell in love with her at the pet store. She is simply the most affectionate cat you could ever meet. She is always in a good mood, and friendly to anyone who comes to visit. Because she has a penchant for waking us up at night, she has her own bedroom! She is four years old now and has calmed down a bit.
Juneau is our more recent, and larger, adoption. We had looked into buying a dog, but decided to ask Nicole's father Alden if he could possibly part with one of his sled dogs instead. That puppy ended up being a 3 month old, 20lb, Husky-Dalmation cross. We picked her up in July of 2004 at the airport after what was apparently a terrifying flight. She was shaking so bad we had to take her out of her carrier and sit with her before driving her home. Juneau is two years old now, and a whopping 75lbs!